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Sue is a Sandals WeddingMoon Specialist

9/8/2011 2:18:02 PM

 To further my knowledge of destination weddings I recently returned from Jamaica as part of a very select group of travel agents from all over the US and Canada to attend an intense seminar relating to every aspect of destination wedding planning throughout the Caribbean.  I learned the basic legal and documentation requirements for various islands, together with every aspect of planning the actual wedding at various resorts.  I was able to visit locations available of the properties including beach, gazebo, lawn, garden and on resort church wedding venues.

The choices are unlimited!  Sandals/beaches weddings by Martha Stewart offer so many options.  Flower selection, place settings, menus and live music (how about a steel band) assure a "perfect" fit for any bride and groom, from a couple to a party of 200, ANYTHING is possible.

This learning experience has prepared me to help you with your destination wedding.

Sue Cashman